Fox Trapping & Removal Montgomery, Auburn, Prattville, Millbrook & Wetumpka

Foxes are wild animals that can invade your neighborhood by looking for food sources.  These food sources may be trash, chickens, or gardens.  They typically do not pose any substantial threat to humans unless they have rabies.  If a fox is aggressive towards you, please contact us immediately!

The most effective way to control unwanted foxes on your property is by trapping and relocation.   We have many years in trapping fox and do so humanely.  We can safely trap and remove unwanted foxes in Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook, Wetumpka and the entire River Region.

Call the Animal Removal Experts at Whitaker, you will be glad you did!

Fox Removal Service Locations:

Montgomery, AL | Auburn, AL | Prattville, AL | Millbrook, AL | Wetumpka, AL | Pike Road, AL